Parashat Vayikra -5774


Vayikra  ויקרא  (God) Called Out
Torah: Vayikra (Leviticus) 1:1-5:26
Haftarah: Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 43:21-44:23  (Sephardim & Ashkenazim)
Brith Chadashah: Mark 7:1-30

Aleph_1 HaShem gave Israel these rulings for the sake of separation. And to sanctify Israel.

Bet_2 Holiness | being set apart. Vayikra is about sanctity, holiness and certain mitsvot (Torah laws, rules, commandments) specifically for the kohanim (priests).

Gimel_3 Sacrifices, activating all senses.

Dalet_4Sacrifices on an individual level and sacrifices on the collective level of klal Yisrael (the collective Jewish people).

Heh_5The several sacrifices are:

  1. Burnt sacrifice Olah
  2. Meat offering Olah
  3. Peace offering Shelamim
  4. Sin offering Hatat
  5. Trespass offering Asham (including the Nazirite rulings)
  6. Meal offerings Minchah
  7. Thanksgiving offerings Toda
  8. Heave offering Terumah
  9. Wave offering Tenufah

Trespasses done inadvertently or thoughtlessly will be forgiven after atonement through sacrifices.

Vav_6 There is no offering for purposeful committed trespasses! Only the chesed (mercy) of God can make atonement for those.
He decides if He grants this chesed or not. It’s not up to the person to automatically assume he or she has been given mercy (chesed).
The covenant is still of paramount importance today!
Zayin_7Yeshua: “For every one shall be salted with fire, and every sacrifice shall be salted with salt (Mark 9:49).”

Question 1: What do we lose when we trespass?
Question 2: Why so many kinds of sacrifices?
Question 3: Why is keeping Gods mitsvot important?
Question 4: Why isn’t Judaism anarchic? Why does it matter whether you keep mitsvot or not?
Question 5: Where does the Jewish tradition come from to dip the first piece of bread in salt?
Question 6: What does responsibility has to do with this parashat?
Question 7: Why didn’t God gave these rulings while we where still in Mitsrayim (Egypt)?

Rabbi Joseph

Yeshayahu 58:12
Jewish Learning Is Living!

The s’mikha (rabbinic ordination) I received during Sukkot 5774 (2013) can be verified by
three male Messianic Rabbis (MRav):

  • MRav. David Hall of Zion Messianic Congregation (Austin, Texas,USA), my tutor;
  • MRav. Richard Kennedy of Beit Tzion (San Diego, California, USA), my principal mentor;
  • MRav. Jay Newcomb of Bet Doresh (New Mexico, USA), my second mentor.